Ok, so I didn’t fly out to LA last night. Wheels are still turning and people are still talking to their people. I might go next Friday. But Friday night wasn’t a total loss: I watched Blow Up and went to sleep early…two things I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. Vanessa Redgrave has a great back. Lisa—if you haven’t seen this movie, run-don’t-walk to your Netflix queue…it’s the ultimate photographer’s movie.

Today’s Meditations:
I need some Nutrigrain, damnit!: This is awesome, Randy. Thanks!

Weimar culture alert: Article on photographer Lotte Jacobi. Thanks Mike!

Art Deco alert: Exhibit at the Legion of Honor. Thank Adam P – repeat coolness customer.


Some real “next level shit” is going down and I apologize to everyone that I owe an email and a phone call. It doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking about sending that email or making that phone call all day…remember, feeling guilt and meaning well are my two best-honed talents.
Right now I’m waiting to hear from Mark to find out if I need to fly to LA tonight to shoot a scene in his new horror film with Adam Baldwin. At a time like this, how am I supposed to concentrate at work?
If I do go, I’ll most certainly be back for the Tingle Tangle this Sunday. If you haven’t been yet, please come by and Tangle with me. Here’s Sol’s announcement:

Howdy Busters and Broads:
For this hot little Sunday we’re tickled to welcome back some very special
friends to the Tingle Tangle. Just for all you Johnny’s and Jenny’s we’re
bringing back the most sparkling gem in San Francisco’s chanteuse crown, Ms.
Ruby Iron. Here in this cozy red room she’s gonna huff and puff, singing her
heart out until your house is blown all down. And be warned, she’s got Rob
“Knuckles” Reich in her corner and he’s hell bent on stoking the Fiery Four
into a hot jazz conflagration, roasting out every sweltering note until
their instruments combust.

And then there are the dancers. Oh, the dancers! Taxi Dancers. Shadow
dancers. Hoochie Coochie Dancers. Close, cheek to cheek, chance romance

Ever wanted to two-step with that someone of your dreams? Well here at the
Tingle Tangle you can, just a few bucks and you’ve got a memory, or scar,
for life. As always, our Tingle Tangle boys and girls are for hire and will
be waiting to wisk you away with a close chance Taxi Dance. Ladies and
Gentlemen, don't forget your dollars, these Taxis run on Champagne and
there's no such thing as a free ride.

And in our unending pursuit of your delight we’re thrilled to present to you
the essence of enchantment and a true siren of seduction Desire D’Amour.

Plus all new Risque Shadow Revue!

Please, don't be shy, you make this evening as much as we do! Make no
mistake, this is no show - it's just a little...

le hot hot

Please, forget your wretched life at…

853 Valencia @ 19th
9 pm - Sunday 2/29 - 5 bucks, 3 if you dress in your Sunday boudoir best

TINGLE TANGLE is a spicy little hole in the wall with red light shining
through the window, creaking out foxy fox trots, cabaret chansons, tangos
and le hot hot jazz of the 20's and 30's every first, third (and sometime
5th!) Sunday at Amnesia. The champagne is cold, the company’s warm and the
dancers are for hire, taxi style.


"Der Got fun mayn umgloybn is prekhtik…”
The God of my disbelief is magnificent.

-- "Mayn Vog'l Bruder" by Yankev Glatshteyn


From Sunday's Tingle Tangle:

Lisa and me getting ready to sell some dances Taxi style.

I'm the one in the beard -- a master of disguise.

In the "You and the Little Mermaid Can Go Fuck Yourselves" department:
Note my mother's comments on yesterday's blog entry.
Here's an insightful take on the situation:

-----Original Message-----
From: Adam P.
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 3:22 PM
To: Audra Wolfmann

So I assume that shortly after Raised by Wolfmanns is published that a book by a different author entitled Raising a Wolfmann: The Way it Really Happened will hit bookstores...

Today's Meditation:
The Pagan Hierarchy: Even OTO members look down on People Who Think They Are Vampires.


Since I missed the all-girl-fiction-workshop last night, I wanted to perform the exercise so as to keep up with their intended plan (although it sounds like they skipped this as well), which was to write a short short. Since I’ve been thinking a lot about the mythos of first meetings and how strangers become lovers, I thought I’d write something about an epic meeting that I’ve heard about all my life. Maybe this is a skeleton for chapter one on Raised by Wolfmanns (the imaginary book I’m writing in an alternate universe).

They met under the Banyan tree in Hawaii in 1964. For the longest time I thought “under the Banyan tree” is where everyone found who they were going to marry. They were both on vacation from New York and worked in retail, of course. He actually asked her, “Do you come here often?” and it worked because he was good-looking, well-dressed, and had an indeterminable European accent. Later that day she found out that it was a Viennese accent slanted the wrong way from years of exposure to Cockney slang. Later that day she also found out that he wanted to marry her because that’s what he had always intended to do – come to America and marry the JAP of his dreams.

Ok, the short short is pretty short, but I have plans to go to a very cool movie series at the El Rio.

Today’s Meditations:

Sex and the typewriter: Thank you for bringing this amazing piece of history to my attention, Steve!

Druggachusettes: A look inside the Krofft universe.

Sims playing with Sims: Very meta-something-or-other.

Postcards from the future: Sad fun with Photoshop.


When I'm sick I feel like I've spent my whole life this way, with a sore nose and a headache, leaving a trail of Kleen-x wherever I go. When I'm healthy I don't think about it at all.
This Friday the 13th is THREE DROPS OF BLOOD: "An intimate evening of performance curated by Ali Tabatabai"
Nanos Operetta is playing and my sister is going to sing! As I understand it, tickets are cheaper when gotten ahead of time and this show just might sell out. Here's the info:
Friday, February 13th 9:30pm, 12 Galaxies
Gamelan Sekar Jaya
Koichi Tamano
Nanos Operetta
Melissa Wolfmann accompanied by Rob Reich
Pamela Wunderlich


The Tingle Tangle gals are on their way over so we can figure out next week’s show. Hurray!
On the subject of…
This is why Joe is so kool:
Is it wrong to reprint emails? Here’s Joe’s review of Amnesia’s Tingle Tangle…too bad he showed up on the wrong night.

"So after a long day of priming and painting my room I was totally
psyched to taxi dance with the most sultry Jew since Sammy Davis Jr. while the sounds of Weill and Porter took me to another time - a time before Bennifer, before American Presidents for whom English was a second language, a time when a big palooka could take his fast talkin'(a la Barbara Stanwyck) dame for a night on the town for the princely sum of $14.38. A time of, well, Porter and Weill. I got to the Amnesia and mulled around a bit sticking out like a sore
thumb in my Banana Republic ex-dot-com ensemble, while I drifted in a sea of big mook fedoras, non-prescription Elvis Costello glasses, and guys with vintage gas station jumpsuits."

Today's Meditations:
Hipster Bingo: The only game in town. The truth hurts. Thanks Lara!
Chick on Goths: As Jack Chick would say, Haw haw haw (isn't that right, Paul?). Thanks Jason P. (who art in Europe)
A great miracle happened here: Jewish fashion conspiracy? Thanks Paul!


Ok, who sent me the Hebrew Hammer hat? Come forward.

I just got back from Desmond's birthday where I was the only girl-person in a sea of bears. We watched Dolemite, Mother Fucker. But I had to go home and skip the LoveMaker's show due to another annoying cold. Where are these germs comming from? Desmond thinks the Hebrew Hammer hat is coated in Anthrax.


Lisa masterminded an amazing trip to Tahoe for Adam M's birthday celebration and I was very fortunate to have been a member of the party at That 70's Cabin. Besides being with 14 of the coolest people this side of the Mammoth Orange, it was also my first time in Tahoe, lots of snow, and in a disco party house (complete with circular fireplace and couch for twenty). And really, the event couldn't have been better documented. Here are some of the best of "the fun we had" memories:

This about says it all

Debbie Does Tahoe

Me and Jason P. in hell

Cold, but kool

Don't try this at home

"Snow monkeys sit like pimps..."

Full archives:

My Spycam


Jason K.

Jason P.


And then there was Tingle Tangle Sunday night, just hours after getting out of Jason P's spaceship. Sunday was also another night of firsts...my first night as a Taxi Dancer, my first time acting out my own material behind a screen, and the first time I've ever found 10 Rupee in my garter at the end of the night. It's all going to happen again in two weeks, so save up your Rupees. Beth Anne might try to get me back for that welt and nobody wants to miss that. Thanks so much to John (hi Sophia!), Jason K, Aaron, David, Jose (for 1.5 minutes), and all the regulars who came by.

Today's Meditations:

It's all about the muddlings
Thanks Adam P.!

Sartre & Peanuts
Thanks Paul!