Here's to my third day of being sick and a shut-in (raises mug of boiled ginger in salute)!
I was in danger of boiling my cat for a health beverage, but luckily Koz stopped by with a shit-load of health supplies. THANKS MAN! He came over for a meeting concerning his upcoming Bawdy Island Hullabaloo, March 5th! But I'll get back to that in a minute.
I guess it's better that I'm sick this weekend, since last weekend was so busy and this upcoming weekend is another SF showbiz blitz (see, I told you that I'd get back to the Bawdy Island Hullabaloo...)
What are you doing this coming weekend? Cancel it! Because SpeakEasily is going to be all over town~
Saturday, March 5th
is Koz and Bombshell Betty's Bawdy Island Hullabaloo @ Thee Parkside!
Odessa Lil is MC-ing, Sailor Billy is...doing his sailor thing, Cracker Jack Salteen will be a-crooning and there's bountiful burlesque booty from 8:30-closing!

AND THEN...Sunday, March 6th is SpeakEasily's big HELLO SAN FRANCISCO show at The Madrone Lounge!
Make sure you get there early! The place closes at midnight and we have a lot of entertaining to do! At 8pm, DJ Kurt Vile will set the mood for meter dancing! Tin Cup Serenade goes on at 9pm!
It's only $6! Cheap! Cheaper ($4) if you dress in "ye olde pharmaceutical gear" (in honor of The Madrone Lounge occupying the site of the turn-of-the century Green's Pharmacy.)!
Click below to read our press release.

Last weekend was WonderCon and not only did Brett, Palle, and I see an Elvis Storm Trooper, but I got my picture taken with Tom Servo! That night we met up with Ali and Rose Pistola at Kinky Salon, where we made new friends and this disturbing picture was taken:

More of theses sorts of photos on my Live and Around page.


From our visit to the Citadel:

More pictures from that evening on my Live and Around Town page.


‘Tis the season to get shticky!
After the hibernation of the local entertainment scene over the winter holidays (not to mention my own medical leave from the world), the season of stuff has begun again. And there probably won’t be another rest until December 2005 (if I’m lucky)!
This past weekend started off with a rockin’ loud show over at Thee Parkside with Brett’s other band, The Bippies (made mostly out of ex-Mummies). It was a birthday party show (those seem to be catching on lately…) for Johnny Bartlet and included his retro-party band The Barbary Coasters and Sacramento’s own garage rockers Th' Losin' Streaks. I ran into a few unexpected friends from the past (Sophia…what’s your new email?!) AND one of my best customers from when I was a taxi dancer at the Tingle Tangle. You never know when your dime-a-dance past is going to haunt you.
Saturday, Rose Pistola recruited Sailor Billy, Hudson, Miss Lynda, and I to perform a number at My Sucky Valentine, a fundraiser for SFSI at The Citadel! After two hours of readings (which included an old grad school friend, the excellent Daphne Gottlieb) and, simultaneously, the sounds of floggings from patrons over-eager to start the night’s festivities, we got up and performed a pretty chaotic act to songs by Leslie Gore and The Stooges! It’s probably safe to say that most of the audience was confused since they’d shown up expecting racy readings and power games. However, a few were brave enough to get up and dance along at the end. From the Citadel, we headed over to Bootie…still in our costumes. A nurse, a sailor, a flapper…we actually blended in pretty well there. (Me, Not-so-undercover, at Bootie.)
AND, of course, plans for the upcoming SpeakEasily continue to be made. Buy a dog shirt!


Latex from December:
I've just posted some photos from the Fierce Couture fashion show at Club ID!
<-- Click that.
I actually got my hair caught in fly paper that night.
"The simulacrum is never what hides the truth... it is truth that hides the fact that there is none.
The simulacrum is true."

I Went To A Super Bowl Party for the Commercials:
And the hot tub! I don't remember much about the game, but Pat and Gina opened their beautiful Sunset home and hot tub to the usual gang of monkeys Sunday for a Super Bowl party. There were certainly a lot of talking animal commercials this year and the usual monkeys really like the monkey commercials. Monkeys talking into bananas really scored big with us and it was an image I remembered today while walking through the financial district. (Although the commercial monkeys should have been clutching cups of Starbucks like warm bottles as well for a closer match.)
For the past decade, it's seemed like advertising has been completely devoted to the ironic, the wink and a nudge. We generally don't want any reassurance or "truth in advertising" as much as we want to feel like we're in on the jokes of the cool kids.
"Timex: It takes a licking and keeps on ticking" is far less appealing to us now that we're barraged with ironic pitches for jeans, beverages, cars, and burgers. Has anyone seen the Levis commercial in which the hipster dude gives the hipster chick flowers just to distract her attention from the fact that he wants to retrieve his pants from her apartment? Hey everybody! Look...total manipulative cads wear these pants and you should too!
If the Super Bowl commercial line-up is any indication of things to come, talking animals are the wave of the future. Goodbye ol' ironic "If It Doesn't Get All Over The Place, It Doesn't Belong In Your Face!" and hello Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp...unless, of course, you would like to argue that the appreciation of talking animals is irony in the third order, which I’d be willing to discuss at length.

The other day, I said to Brett, "I had such a strange dream last night," and he said, "Me too! I had a dream that I was helping Ray Charles find buried treasure, but then there was this evil wild west aquacade and they were trying to trick us and throw us off course."
And I said, "You win."


A few of links from the front…:

It was bound to happen…SpeakEasily: The Merchandising! Help support the cause! Buy some underwear or a dog shirt.

The Frisky Frolics’ (one of SpeakEasily’s favorite bands!) documentary appears to be for sale! There’s some footage from a Mile High Club SpeakEasily too, but I haven’t yet seen it. Check out the info at the documentary’s excellent website.

Tomorrow night I’ve got a shoot with photographer Dave Deluxe…he’s outta sight!
And then we’re going to hand around Hip City Soul over at the Mile High Club for a bit.