Shout, Shake, and Schmooze Weekend

Paul Kopf, Cyril Jordan, and Phil Spector -- Rob's wedding.

DIABOLIK: BACK FROM THE GRAVE was a great party. I do miss the once-monthly occurrence of Diabolik, if not just for the dancing, than maybe to see The TROY once in a while!

I was, of course, happy to see him:

I was happy to see Carlos too, but it was a little foggy at the Werepad...

The Headless Hearsemen played!

And everybody danced:

Everyone looked great as usual too...

But I got a little too close to the magical smoke machine and I can't remember the rest.

It's just an hour until June...just a month until it's been two years since I moved into the car hole...just two months until it's been 7 years since I moved to San Francisco...just one month until the Brett+Audra One Year Aniversary mark...just two months until I'm 29 (or, alternately, 28 again, depending on how I feel in August)...I feel like something is supposed to happen right now. No, now. Wait...now! But what is it? Do I really want it?


My mom thought I was dead because I haven't posted to my blog in a while...but I was not dead; only resting.

Here are some pictures from Little Minsky's last Thursday!
Unfortunately, my camera did not get any pictures of the performers (the camera was in Brett's possession that night and I guess he was too busy looking to take pictures), but we got a few of some wacky friends and Odessa Lil. If anyone has any photos from that night, I'd love to see 'em! ALSO, The Flying Fox and Kurt Vile did an excellent job with the night. Make sure you go next month!


Jim and heads:

David prays for a drink:

Note Brett's space tie:

Everyone wants to touch the whip!


Hey! I made some comics...check it out and make your own:

Also, don't forget Little Minsky's:
Introducing San Francisco's new monthly burlesque event, LITTLE MINSKY'S!!!!
Once a month Kurt Vile and The Flying Fox are proud to bring you this ever-changing evening of lovely ladies, interesting antics, and jazzy tunes....
This month's line up, presented by SpeakEasily's own lovely Mistress of Ceremonies Odessa Lil, includes:
The Diamond Daggers, Margot Montmartre (of The Lollies), Bombshell Betty, Cherry Lix, The Flying Fox, and a debut dancer from Bombshell Betty'sBurlesquercise! (mmm! new meat!)
Uke tunes from The Paper Dolls and a zany performance by The Foolish Follies!!
So on: Thursday May 19th
come on out to: Club Deluxe -- located @ 1511 Haight St. (near Ashbury)
from 9pm to 2am
Show starts at 10!!
Retro jazz tunes to follow by Oran
$5 cover21+


Ha ha ha… remember that?
Well Jose has finished his “80’s Movie” that we’ve been hearing so much about! It’s called THE QUEST FOR THE AUDIO MAP, which is the prequel to 2003's THE CURSE OF THE ANALOGUE TAPE. And I’m in there in two roles (Solid Gold Dancer-type with Deedee Luxe!) and, of course, the Dominatrix. You can see this film on Saturday, June 11th at 8pm at the Delancey Street Theatre (600 EmbarcaderoSan Francisco, CA 94107)!
ALSO, you can see the trailer:
or if that doesn’t work:
Music is the most direct vein that I know of to the emotions of the past. Memories...they can be rewritten to fit your current convictions. Pictures...it's easy to get side tracked by the ugly shirt you were wearing. But music doesn't lie. It picks you up and drops you right into the middle of old feelings, unedited for just a moment.
Thanks for putting on your show, David.
So much for the natural healing powers of the human body…I gave up and went to the doctor today. Yee-haw antibiotics!
Infectious or not, Saturday’s Fair Oaks Street sale got me out of the house. I live vicariously through Desmond and Paul’s address. They are not allowed to move from that street, or else I’ll have to move there so I can sell my junk every year.

Can you believe Desmond was selling this amazing mask?! Well, we didn’t let it go to waste:



An unknown Flakes fan…hehe…

AND of course, the cat photo of the week…Maggie and Peachy J. Monkey:


This belongs with the post below...
In the land of the chronic sinus infections, I am king.
I dare anyone to contest this fact. Pass the Sudafed.

Before I checked out of society for the week, it was a nice weekend. Friday, Odessa Lil MCed her fist film premier at the Victoria Theater. I was a little worried about this gig since:
a) no one would be drunk
b) they were not serving alcohol at this theater
c) the audience of 400 did not have access to alcohol…
You get the idea. But how could I say no to Fred M. Banting and his awesome film SMOK’D? Well, it turned out that Odessa Lil can abuse audience members whether they are inebriated or not, so it all went off well. We asked some trivia questions for valuable prizes such as DVDs of Crossroads (the Brittney Spears version, not the one with the Karate Kid) and The Wiz, whipped some film nerds, heard some music from Thomas Medrano of Gypsy Cab (from Fresno, YO!)…and then watched Fred’s movie! Afterwards I had to hightail it outta there and over to Thee Parkside to catch The Flakes with The Husbands. I didn’t have time to take the Odessa Lil off and, consequently, no cabs would stop for me. What, like they haven’t seen a girl with a whip before?!

Saturday continued the Fresno-theme…Lord Loves a Working Man (Max’s ex-Fresnan-Bolshevik take on 60’s soul) played a show with Harold Ray Live (Denis is from Fresno. It’s true), and BRIAN KENNY FRESNO! Yep, I even made Brett wear his Fresno Famous shirt. I think he was really impressed with Brian Kenny Fresno’s musical rendition of the Bobby Salazar menu.

The rest of the weekend was spent discussing an article Brett and I had read on a strange artist commune/architectural experiment called Druid Heights. The name alone pretty much tells you all you need to know about that, but it was just such a 1960’s Marin sort of a happening. We also became obsessed the Vallejo houseboat, which was mentioned in the article. The Vallejo had originally been a ferry boat at the end of the 1800’s and was resurrected as a beatnik houseboat in the 50’s. It’s currently docked in Sausalito after massive renovation by a dot com millionaire. We found a website that details its history. It’s amazing what can be saved from history. Generations loved and neglected it to death, and now it looks brand new. While sleeping for most of the past week, I had strange dream after dream about unusual living spaces. And then I woke up in a car hole.