Today is my dad's 74th birthday...and I forgot!! Luckily, he called to remind me. He also said he can't believe that he'll be 80 in 6 years. Neither can I. In 6 years, I'll be 34...and an astronaut.

Tomorrow will be one whole year since SpeakEasily opened at The Mile High Club! I should have planned an anniversary show, I know. But I promise a SpeakEasily surprise in the near future...a SpeakEasily like you've never seen before! But don't worry...the girls will still take their clothes off.

AND speaking of anniversaries, this Thursday is Dark Sparkle's 6th anniversary party at Cafe Du Nord. I plan to head out there with Brett and maybe even Jose. They just posted some pictures from a Dark Sparkle from May 18th. Here are a couple of me and Jim...more like Dork Sparkle!

Sunday was SPINOUT! Everyone's favorite reason to start drinking early and play with race cars at The Riptide:

Brett, Mags, and Jaimie are ready to rumble.

Daniel and I get competitive.

See, it is bad for your health.

Brett was really excited that...

The martial arts guys showed up!

And Pat, Matt, Jose...and everyone else too.

The Riptide looks like a log cabin.


We had a rockin' time at the The Sonoma-Marin Fair yesterday. Honestly, I don't get up to Petaluma very often, but seeing Amy and Nici's band AC/DShe at a fair seemed like a very good reason indeed!
This all-girl AC/DC cover band has become a local phenomenon with aggressively dedicated fans following them from show to show. The fair was such a great venue as it allowed for the next generation of fans to participate. There's nothing like seeing a four year-old girl scream that she wants to hear "Highway to Hell."

Maybe it's everyone's fantasy to experience their favorite heavy metal band in the form of hot chicks. Maybe it's because they're really good! AC/DShe has perfected the perfect mixture of sex, skill, and kitsch.

We stayed for their 6pm show as well as their 9pm show, as did most of the audience.

This is the first fair I've been too since The Big Fresno Fair of 1990 (or thereabouts). This was a lot more...wholesome!

Although I did catch Brett with another woman. I've always felt threatened by taller, bluer women.

And chicken...I'm threatened by chicken.

And scary, unsafe rides are pretty threatening too. I could just imagine the ducktape and spit holding these things together flying apart at any moment. I'm not sure how, but Amy and JT persuaded me and Brett onto a notorious deathtrap known as the Ferris Wheel!

And this weird tunnel thing.

Perhaps more frightening than the rides were the food exhibits...

Note the cheese couch on this one below.

Whoops! In my mania for redesign I managed to lose everyone's comments. I apologize, as they were all witty, insightful, and charming...in a psychotic sort of way. Feel free to leave new ones!
I just opened the latest delivery from Netflix:
Hot Rod Girl (1956).
The Netflix DVD sleeve says that it's 4 hours and 20 minutes!
What is this? The Shoah of hot rod movies?!


hehe...me and Brett made this flyer.
Everybody go to Spinout Sunday!


Several have inquired about the painting off to the right hand side -->
No, it's not a likeness of me and no, that is not a LIGER. The painting is by the French/Japanese artist Tsugouharu Foujita and is called "La Dompteuse et le Lion." Note how the lion looks like he's trying to remember if he left the water running.

For my German-speaking friends.


Ok, if you get a call on your cell phone from 801-494-1992, don't answer. It looks like this is the beginning of the cell-phone-junk-call era.

And if someone tries to hypnotize you, then you need to see this.



1. Take pictures of your cat being offered large sums of money.

2. Harass Brett.

Thanks Eric!

3. Go to see Jose's movie!

Ladies and gentlemen...JOSE MONTESINOS!

And Josh.

Jose, Pim, Matt, and Dee Dee.

Anyone feel like writing a guest review of it?
So there.


Who knew that saying the words "corporate Scooby Snack" at last week's meeting in reference to our corporation's recognition program might not have been the best idea?
I like to view the referral sites that feed into this blog...you know, to keep my finger on the pulse of what various misguided Google searches dump people out here in MeLand. Tonight, I discovered the most horrific one yet...somebody searched on the phrase "The Zionist Jews behind Oprah's Book Club" and found my site. WOW. If that were true, don't you think the book selection would be a little better?

If you missed last Saturday's showing of Mark Atkins' director's cut of EVIL EYES at the Roxy, then good for you. Mark and his print didn't make it on the plane and so the audience was shown a very rough cut, which was still way better than the version the studio released. First of all...my scenes appear in Mark's version! Also, Mark's sense of humor really shows through in his version, giving Udo Kier and Adam Baldwin a real purpose in the film. YOU can catch the screening of Mark's finished director's cut tomorrow...that's WED! 5pm at The Roxie. I'm hoping to head over after work and sneak in about a half-hour late.