The Brochure in my Dream
Saturday night I had a dream that I found a brochure. It said, “Watch your step every day.”
When I woke up, I thought: Geeze! I’m even more paranoid than I thought I was!
But the more I think about it, the more I feel that it is helpful advice. There is no throw-away behavior. Everything you do every day really does count. Act accordingly.


Well, I didn't do the Creepshow Peepshow last Sunday and I won't be able to MC this Saturday's show, but please go go go and check it out for me!
Friday, my mother had a heart attack, but she is doing so much better now and is at home. Everyone cook some broccoli for their moms this Mothers' Day!
Take care,



Meet Shifty Gears and Lester and Lester!

Cookin beer -- secret ingredient, Whisky!
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Watch the slide show:

Meet Shifty and the Goth-Jug super band The Lesters of Mercy at

Sunday May 7th, 2006

9PM - Late


$10 in costume, $15 without

(costume? costume? what kind of costume? Think "House of 1000 Corpses," or maybe "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" or just be a big weird hillbilly or a creepy mental patient... Or go all zombie like "Dawn of the Dead"... Hell, you can be Chewbacca if you want to --just tell everybody you're Bigfoot... )

DNA Lounge

375 Eleventh Street

San Francisco, CA

advance tickets at www.dnalounge.com

21 and Up with I.D.