It's a Two-Show Week!
Better than a two-week show...

Monday, 4/28:
Shifty Gears visits...
Hubba Hubba @ The Uptown!

Show at 9:30PM(ish)21 & Up w/ID
1928 Telegraph Avene, Oakland
(just 1 block from 19th Street BART!)

April's winding down and Oakland's winding up!
This Monday, April 28th atthe swank-tabulous UPTOWN CLUB, Hubba Hubba Revue returns with another boom-shakin', tassel-twirlin', booze-filled good time!Burlesque, Comedy & More with...

Penny Lux!
Room For Cream!
Citty Rich!
Margaret France!
Roger That!
Sparkly Devil!
Odessa Lil!
Miss Bella Trix!
Gorilla X!

...and everybody's favorite drunks/MC's, Kingfish & Eddie!

Wednesday, 4/30:
Odessa Lil to MC...
Bombshell Betty’s Burlesqueteers present:
“TOO MANY F*&#ING BUNNIES: A Haute House Burlesque Revue”

Spring is in the air... The weather is getting warmer, birds are singing... and San Francisco is being over-run with naughty bunnies! Comes see the Bunny Burlesqueteers get what they deserve and have a rollicking, hilarious time as Bombshell Betty and Burlesquercise students present their (slightly twisted) version of springtime splendor!

Featuring performances by:
Bombshell Betty
Bunny Pistol
Josie Starre
Holly Highbeams
sASSy Hot Buns
Chi Chi's del Fuego
Kiss Me Kate
Bootsy La Rue
Ruby Fuerza
Tatiana Tiger
With musical interlude by Randy Johnson
plus more Burlesqueteers!

Odessa Lil is our *thwack* Mistress of Ceremonies!

Wednesday, April 30
Doors at 7pm, Show starts at 8pm
$12 in advance, $15 at the door (Will call only)

The venue is a small, independent theater, and seating is limited, so...buy your tickets in advance! Presale ticketing ends at noon on the day of the show!
Stage Werx
533 Sutter St. @ Powell Street
San Francisco
Get directions


Honey Cobra and the Lucha Magnifico Boys

This here be video of the Honey Cobra act at Hubba Hubba Review at the Uptown in Oakland. Warning: contains violence.

Electric Chair Dance

What were we thinking? Oh yeah...it was the Hubba Hubba Review!
Actually, despite the hard hitting subject matter, the act was a ton of fun. Yes, all our burlesque has a social message. Sometimes we just don't know what it is.
Who knew Brett would just happen to have the right props? Actually, this wasn't so much of a surprise.

For pictures of all the other highly entertaining acts, see the DNA Lounge gallery!



See me, The Indra, and Larkin in an electrifying act! heehee...

Hubba Hubba 4/18/08static

Who cares if it's a made-up holiday...we have a lot of neat stuff planned at Amoeba (as you can see below).
AND you can get a $15 gift certificate to Amoeba if you just test drive a Scion across the street that day. I did it last time with Jose. It was awesome. Drive around the block and then get free money. I wouldn't kid you.

Record Store Day @ Amoeba SF 4/19!
Audra by Marc Taro Holmes -- Oil


Like a Shark...Always Moving and Sort of Greyish in Color.
Just Some Stuff from the pasts two weeks...

1. Perfmormed at Stagewerx for the Burlesquercise 4th Anniversry...
Family Portrait by popgoesamanda

2. Sat for a room full of amazing artists! See the results on Marc Taro Holmes' blog!

3. Worked on the movie...
Honey Cobra & The Hammer


Heard on Haight Street this week:

"Hey, Red Hair! Marry me already!"
So I’ve been called lots of things by homeless men (including "Little Red Monkey"...not a good memory, really), but Red Hair! How simple and to the point! And the marriage proposal is quite gallant.

"Is that dog doo or man doo?"
It’s surprising that this isn’t heard more often.