Congrats to THE FLAKES for winning “Best Garage Band” in The Guardian’s Best of the Bay Reader’s Poll!
But I have to admit that I don’t entirely agree with the pick for “Best Bar for Heterosexuals.”


First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, everyone. What's the deal?! Was July mateing season back in the mid-70's?!

Tuesday night I'm making Oakland watch:
It's a great early silent involving a runaway mirror image. Total Doppleganger au go go stuff.
And just as in The Picture of Dorian Gray, the man can’t destroy his other self without destroying himself. There's always something.
Over the weekend, Salty and I were talking about our alternate universe selves (or BIZARRO selves), and both of our alternate selves involved the professions of real estate agenting and insurance adjusting. That and listening to Yanni. If I ever catch my reflection listening to Yanni...that's it! On the other hand, real estate is a fine profession.


A Bunch Of Stuff
First of all, check this out, yo...press for The Mile High Club! Hurray for Lisa!

Lisa, our leader. (photo by Smokey)

She's really a pioneer...like Louis Pasteur, but for beer and bands. (Hey, that's the only pioneering I care about...that and maybe condo moon-living.)
Our opening night for SpeakEasily was a success and we're just trying to figure out how to convince the general public of my perverted vision. "If you build it, they will come" Lisa recently wrote on a Friendster post...I agree, and I also have a voice telling me: "Have Dee Deeluxe dress up like a sexy monkey and fling poo to the tunes of a Dixieland band, and you'll start a cultural revolution." I feel like Mister Sophistication from The Killing of a Chinese Bookie when I proudly and somewhat ineptly present pros like The Indra.
The past three weeks have been a real adventure and I've been busier than I've ever been, so I did the only logical thing: split into two people. Odessa Lil is going to work and writing letters for the bank, and Wilberforce Kulinger is handling my personal life. Audra has retired, but I hear Mr. Kulinger has met someone very special and they can sometimes be seen in the Castro shopping for false mustaches together.

Odessa Lil, our bleeder. Also Sheah from Hot and Bothered. (Photo by Smokey)

AND...before you know it, another Tuesday comes around:


Everyone likes jug bands...
If anyone can name the fellow portrayed in this advertisement, I'll put you on the guest list (Count Fink is excluded from this offer, although he'd be on the guest list anyhow).

Coming soon: the full report from The Fresno Pool Party massacre, or alternately, Mammoth Orange Funhouse:

But now I must sleep.