From The Bippies/Nagg/Special Ed show last night:

Troy finds Art wherever he goes:
There were these great kids outside of the Ivy Room and they couldn't get in since they were underage. One of them was a total proto-Russell. Here's Russell and Russell Jr.:



The Bippies, Russell:



The Bippies:

Next, I'll post pictures from Sailor Billy's birthday...but not now. Soon.


Two great shows that taste great together...I recommend going to both: Aug. 10th has The Flakes and Aug. 19th is a SpeakEasily production!
Aug. 19th -- SpeakEasily and the San Francisco Tenants Union present:


It's official, I'm moving out of the car hole and into the Sunset. I feel like Eva...

I haven't had much time to write since I've been engaged in the apartment hunt. I've also been working up a big ol' SpeakEasily Rawk n' Roll Burlesque Benefit for the San Francisco Tenant's Union. I'll have more info on that real soon! But while I was buried, I was still able to check out:

Tura Satana at Midnight Mass! The karate-chopping icon of Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Appeared live at Peaches Christ's Midnight Mass to answer questions on her experiences with Russ Meyer and the kind of bra she wore. This amazing woman (now 66 years-old) threw out verbal gem upon verbal gem that night, but one of my favorite comebacks to an audience question was this:

Audience Member: This film is basically all about you...

Tura Satana: No, this film is all about girls kicking ass.

She's right.

Mel Gordon and the Thrillpeddlers: Although I had heard most of Mel's lecture and seen his Hanussen film clip (even though they claimed that this was the "first time the film has been seen since its debut in 1920" ahem!) back at his Feral House lecture in LA a year and a half ago, I was pretty happy to see and hear it all again. The Thrillpeddlers acted out two Grand Guignol pieces involving a huge recreation of a Guillotine and a pretty good-looking Scolds Bridle. There was some nice fake blood, but I gotta say that The Indra's apache dance at SpeakEasily a while back is fierce competition.