Stuff you should know about for this Labor Day Weekend!
In reverse order (don’t ask why):

Join us for a bonfire to warm my new neighborhood.
We’ll be out there from 9pm on
Ocean Beach at Lincoln Way (Stairwell 28ish)

Bring friends, drinks, and stuff to burn!
Please note that the 7-11 on Judah at 46th Ave. has firewood, wine, and all that. Also the Safeway off of Fulton too.

Ocean Beach bonfire rules
Please read these and note parking info AND that you can't have yer booze out)

UFO West @ The Werepad!

Music Lovers, mark your calenders!

The Hamboogers--The Interweb's newest RocknRoll Darlings--will be making their North American debut at the Stork Club in downtown Oakland on Friday Sept 2nd!

Featuring members of the Flakes (and even we ain't sure which ones), the Hamboogers will play every song they know--and that ain't alot. Go to The Hamboogers on MySpace for more info (it will be used as evidence at the trial).

Joining the lads forHamboogie Hijinks will be Tina Bobbyteen's great new band, TOP TEN! Also, thrill to the international debut of THE GUY-GUYS--all-male Go-Go's cover band (we wish we were making this stuff up, but it's the truth)!

So kick off your Labor Day weekend at the Stork Club, 2330 Telegraph Avenue, in beautiful downtown Oakland. Doors at 9pm, show sometime after 9pm.


Last weekend's Spinout! at The Riptide had some especially glamorous guest stars:

Cell phone accidents were a popular topic of discussion:

As well as flag accidents:

Matt, a damn good bartender:

DJ Anton impresses The Indra with his record collection:

Bethanne bets her money on the black car:
I finally got around to downloading the few pictures I was able to take at the TU SpeakEasily show. Here are the official new original Tenants Union Go Go Dancers:





There were more, and they were equally outstanding, but they escaped the few minutes that I ran around with the digital camera. Thanks again Go Gos!


I was browsing around Netflix and noticed that The Breathing Show is available on DVD now! You can also read about it on the Film Threat website. I recorded the commentary about a year ago with director Stephen Statler, Ryan Hayes, and (via speaker phone) Mouncey Ferguson with a bottle of wine. It will be funny and horrifying to hear what I said on the commentary...yikes!


SpeakEasily’s benefit for the San Francisco Tenants Union…
Wotta party!

Thanks so much to everyone that helped make this benefit a party to remember (or forget, depending on what you had to drink that night)!
See Patrick McCarthy’s awesome photo play-by-play of the big big show here.

My mother the antique dealer has managed to find an interesting musical artifact of a secret society. If you are interested in purchasing this thing, please email her at zeurotrash@comcast.net.


The San Francisco Tenants Union and SpeakEasily present:
A Rock n' Roll Burlesque Benefit For The San Francisco Tenants Union...
"We Keep Rents Under Control So You Can Drink More!"

SpeakEasily is back! Did you miss us? Who cares?! Grab your hat and asalami sandwich and git git git over to 330 Ritch for a very special episode of SpeakEasily in eye-popping color! More rawkin' bands, kookykomedy, and burlesqueniks than you can shake a zen stick at...and we're doing it all for a great cause! The SF Tenants Union: they'vebeen fighting for tenants' rights since 1970!

Friday, August 19th
Doors, DJs, and The SF Tenants Union Go Go Dancers @ 8pm
Show @ 10pm
330 Ritch Street, SF CA 94107
cross street: Brannan & Townsend @ 3rd
Early tix: http://www.sftu.org/TUFundraisers.htm

BRATTY BRETT (The Flakes, The Bippies, Spinout) www.theflakes.net

THE BANDS:LORD LOVES A WORKING MAN -- 1960's Stax Style R&B for the Masses(www.lordlovesaworkingman.com)
THE BARBARY COASTERS -- Dance and Show band(www.thebarbarycoasters.com)

Mischievous Minx ROSE PISTOLA (www.thehighheeledhostess.com)
That singing and dancing sensation from up North: JOSIENUTTER (http://www.josienutter.com/)
Punk Rawk ukulele with RIFF DITTIES
Creator of "Burlesquercise" -- BOMBSHELL BETTY (www.bombshellbetty.net)
Head of the class, SWEET CHEEKS
Ukulele & Violin Madness with NICE PANTS
Old-Time Hollywood Glamour Babe THE FLYING FOX (www.verdalet.com/theflyingfox/)
Off-beatniks Larry, Hall, and Jack (http://www.destijlmusic.com/lhj.html)
Burlesque Showstopper and Diamond Dagger CHERRY LIX (www.diamonddaggers.com/)
Male Burlesque SINsation ROKY ROULETTE (www.rokyroulette.com)

ODESSA LIL Рavailable for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, funerals, divorceproceedings, difficult labors, s̩ances, and SpeakEasilys.

SpeakEasily is:
Your new favorite nouveau-vaudeville traveling flea-circus atRock-Bottom Oakland Prices.
Contact Odessa Lil to bring SpeakEasily to your club, party,team-building exercise, or black mass.(http://www.audrawolfmann.net/SpeakEasily)
And here are some pictures from Wednesday 8/10 show at the Elbo Room:
The Midnight Bombers

Teenage Harlets

The Flakes


Back In Time…two weekends ago to be exact…
Pictures from UFO WEST @ everyone’s favorite near-bathroomless warehouse, the Werepad:

At the time it seemed like a good idea to pose in this closet we found…in retrospect, what the heck were we thinking?

Syd took pictures too:
Note her fabulous butterfly dress!

AND…that very same weekend was Cracker Jack Salteen’s ukevasion at The Riptide!
Cracker Jack Salteen and Riff Ditties

Nice Pants

AND…that was the weekend that I moved over to 45th Avenue. I’m still loving the bleak, by the way. But I do need more fur and leather in my life. You got that?


Email from my sister:

chapfallen. do you really think Bon Jovi used this word in a sentence?

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: A.Word.A.Day--chapfallen
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 00:03:22 -0400
From: Wordsmith
To: linguaphile@wordsmith.org

chapfallen or chopfallen (CHAP-faw-luhn, chop-) adjective
Dejected or dispirited.
[From chap or chop (jaw) + fallen.]

"Jon Bon Jovi, the New Jersey rock 'n' roller, says he's chapfallen
and desolate over rumors that his band is about to break up."
Chris Reidy; Bon Jovi's Funk; Boston Globe; Aug 7, 1990.
'No, no!' she cried, '...or yet...' She reflected. 'I no longer understand myself,' she went on, 'but I must confess something. You have corrupted my imagination, my blood is up. I am sharing the enthusiasm with which you speak of a Pompadour, of a Catherine the Second and all the other egoistic, frivolous and cruel women; this excites me, enters into my soul, and urges me to become like these women, who, despite their vileness, were as long as they lived adored with servility and went on working miracles in the tomb. In short, make me a despot in a small way; a sort of household Pompadour.'
-- Venus in Furs, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch


What better way to say, “Happy Birthday, Eddie Dane” than with an APEVASION in North Beach!!!

There were six apes in attendance (and one Odessa Lil)…not bad for a Tuesday Apevasion. As Jim said the other night, they’re still working out the kinks and this was only the first time out.

Unfortunately, I had to go home before the “celebrity roast” got started for Eddie. The move into the Sunset has really taken it out of me. I haven’t even been able to hook up my DSL yet! I’m living like a savage!

For your review, other famous monkeys: