Not dead...just concentrating.

But stay tuned for more harebrained adventures...
I've got a lot of great photos from The Donnas and Hamboogers' show up in Pioneer Town! Yee-haw!


Odessa Lil does Madame Maraschino's "Rowdydow Burlesque!"

From Madame M:

Madame Maraschino Presents
Rowdydow Burlesque!

Saturday, September 10th

House of Shields
39 New Montgomery St., SF
(btwn Market/Mission just off the Montgomery BART station)
It’s the beautiful, art deco House of Shields anniversary party!

Only 5 smacks!
Doors open at 8pm

8:00- 9:00pm music w/ The Matinees

9:30 to 10:30pm (only) Madame Maraschino Presents Rowdydow Burlesque!
Performances by:
Margot Montmartre
Flying Fox
Bombshell Betty
Josie Nutter
Cherry Lix
Miss Cherry Jubilie
Ruby Sparks & Vidalila Paradise
& the beautiful Odessa Lil as your Emcee!

11:00pm Followed by a Ska band and then more DJ'n!!

Hope to see ya there!
Madame Maraschino


Here are a few pictures that I took from Sunday's bonfire (aka Bernie Man) / Housewarming Party. Thanks everyone for showing up! We'll do it again soooon...

Anton thought that we needed a theme for the housewarming so the food would be tied together in some form of unity. I came up with the theme: "candy that looks like other foods," but I guess that's not what he had in mind. Brett arranged these very nicely.

Out at the fire (before we got busted -- they ARE patrolling for glass bottles and alcohol):

After we got busted:

Daniels creation: little Bernie Man.

The next day, Brett and I went out to survey the damage:

Not so bad at all!

And then we walked around the beach...

We found this cave towards the Cliff House. Remarkably, there wasn't anything gross in there. Does anyone know if the cave has a name?

Obligatory Maggie photo of the week:

Hey hey! It's the Hamboogers!

From their world premiere at The Stork Club, September 2, 2005. Just wait until they get to Pioneer Town.
Bernie Man!
InterNebbish has posted photos from our bonfire here!
Daniel made the amazing pint-sized replica of a flammable man that you see in the photos!
I took some pictures too, which I'll post later tonight!
Thanks for coming out, everybody.


I am proud of Wells Fargo.
Wells Fargo to Contribute $1 Million to Support Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

Last night's news reports were horrifying. They interviewed a woman from a group of people who had been living on the freeway above the flooding. Her husband's corpse was at her feet. She said that he had died the night before and there was no where to put him. She waved down the cops when they drove by and they could only tell her to move him further down the freeway away from the other people. So she just stood there with him.
It won't be long before the disease and despair begins to spread to the rest of the country. We have to contribute what we can to stop all of the misery now.