I Call It Thursday
Thursday morning I was at the dentist getting a tooth drilled and Taco's "Puttin On the Ritz" came on the radio. I thought, the only way this moment could get better is if I had a heart attack and died.


Sad, drunk, unmusical clowns.

Sad, drunk, unmusical clowns.
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This was Friday.


Originally uploaded by Odessa Lil.

From the Bay Area Reporter:

Clubland: Fudgie Frottage, The Indra, Rose Pistola, Hudson and an attorney were thrown out of the Gold Club on the morning of June 28 while celebrating Fudgie's birthday. The reason the drag and burlesque performers were asked to leave was perhaps related to the management's same-sex kissing policy.

The Indra, no stranger to the Gold Club, said she'd never been asked to leave when she kissed a male date. Club management didn't complain when she kissed Hudson, a tall, strapping drag king who was garbed in suit and tie. The complaints started only after Indra kissed Rose Pistola and the femme-fatale attorney.

Fudgie, who was in a dark corner enjoying a complimentary birthday lap-dance, returned to pandemonium at his table, including charges of exposed breasts. "You can't expose your breasts unless you work here," proclaimed a manager. While both the anonymous attorney and The Indra are well-endowed and were sporting generous d├ęcolletage, neither of them had exposed the body parts in question.

"I couldn't figure out what was going on, except that the management feared the steamy display was becoming so hot it was distracting the clientele from the stage shows," conjectured Fudgie.

Rose Pistola added, "I love getting thrown out of the trashiest establishments in town!"