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My website renovation project has been moving along at the speed of snail, but I did manage to get the Film section of the site updated to include a Video Gallery. All hail YouTube.


Blog Synching...the past month...

Why Computers are Scary
So I saw this on someone's page and just HAD to freak myself out with it too.
Once broken down into lines and color pixels, I look like anyone with cheekbones, even men, according to the computer (I'M A COMPUTA...STOP ALL DA DOWNLOAD'N)
But the computer isn't the first to bring up Lucy. It will be the third time Lucy has come up in comparison, which I always find suspect. With humans...any "funny" female looks like Lucy, but the computer sees only cheekbones.

My Acting Resume

Audra Wolfmann ~ speakeasily@gmail.com ~ www.audrawolfmann.net


The Bippies music videos: "Monkey Around with Me" & "Where Do You Think You're Going", 2006. Director: Greg. As Go-go dancer.
Rolf & Funky music video, 2005. Director: Scott Pagano.
"We Don't Want It" music video, 2002. Love Kills Love. Director: David Westby. As Lead.
Lulu's Big Date, 2001.Collaboration with PureCinem Films and Tango No. 9. Director: Kat Eiswald. As Lead.


Evil Eyes, 2004. The Asylum. Director: Mark Atkins. Staring: Udo Kier and Adam Baldwin. As Erika.
SF Indie Fest
Trailer, 2004. Director: Mark Atkins.
SF Indie Fest
, 2003. Director: Mark Atkins.
Berta, 2002. Director: Jose Montesinos. As Title Role.
"Transfusion," 2002. Director: Shane Donahue. As Lead.
The Breathing Show, 2000. Director: Steven Statler. As lead female role, Katherine.
"No Vacancy", 2001. Director: Max Baloian. As Lead.


Basement Burlesque television pilot, 2006. Director: Chris France. As Odessa Lil.

Brett Puts Up With A Lot


The free Moo cards came today!
These people love paper and I love them for it.

If you have a Flickr Pro account, they'll send you 10 free cards of your Flickr pictures. Being the cheap bastard that I am, I used it for business purposes (and I made one of Brett in a tri-corner hat).

Check 'em out: http://www.moo.com/

Kingfish and Eddie's Hubba Hubba Review
Pictures from Kingfish and Eddie's Hubba Hubba Review are up on the DNA site:


What we are, I wouldn't eat.