The photos from the All About Fishnets burlesque show are up!

It was a nice show and I want to thank Greg, Daniel, Jose, and PunkRockDad for coming out to see it. I also especially want to thank PunkRockDad for winning all kinds of stuff in the neato raffle and then giving it to me. Much better than a dick in a box. Thank you Melissa for asking me to be part of the show too!

There was this awesome guy at the show who managed to yell out non sequiturs the entire time. He also kept me going while I was on stage by mimicking that he too was burlesquing. So keep that in mind, audience members: dancers really like that when you men shake yout stuff in agreement to their act. So anyway, at one point during the raffle someone yelled out "Next" So he starts yelling out "Stevie Next," which just hit my Rockstar+Vodka="StarF*cker the cocktail"-addled mind as the funniest thing I'd ever heard.
So here he is...I just want this guy to get his 5 minutes, you know?

This blog is turning epic...
I also want to thank my friend Matthew for saving and scanning a comic I drew when I was 19 years-old and then bringing it to my 30 year-old jaded attention. I've put the first two panels up on Flickr and it's generated lively discussion between my sister and I regarding the whole "why did you draw that dog like that" controversy. You know, really heavy stuff about artistic ownership and responsibility. ;P We love it.

AND finally (yes, I do stop talking at some point this evening) I wanna thank Paul for pointing out that a picture of me is in a new book about VJ artists because G-d knows I wouldn't have seen that book otherwise:

From -- VJ: Audio-Visual Art + VJ Culture

AND MOST finally,
Here are some Latkes: