In case you're wondering, getting to work at 11am every day and then meeting famous people is actually working out better then the whole banking thing ever did. It's only been two weeks, but I feel justified in saying that so far...I heart my new job. Everyone go to Amoeba and give them all your money.

Here's what's been happening:

So, last Saturday Jose, Brett, and I all went down to Amoeba to meet Tura Satana! She's as amazing as always and even gave a few fans some karate chops for old time's sake. Jose gave her a poster for his upcoming movie Hells Kittens (which I'll be acting in as the lethargic and pharm-adicted stripper Dynama Downer) and Tura not only kept the poster but (rumor has it) pulled it out later that night at an opening party for Midnight Mass and was showing it to others! What a lady!! Did I mention she made Brett sit on her lap?? That was awesome.

Amoeba's pix: (looks for me and Brett and also http://www.myspace.com/blastoffgirl

My Flickr photos:

My blog post from when I saw her at Midnight Mass in '05.

The next day I worked the Dr. Dog instore. They were nice guys and showed up with The Teeth. They had a total of 15 people in their traveling party. Needless to say, much beer was consumed.

Because this is the true meaning of life to all parties involved.
Lots of sets to come. Here's just one:
The Struggle

Yes, I know my stomach looks like a sharpei.


This saturday is Midnight Mass Sing Along Xanadu! I can't wait for the pre-show: Drag Queen Rollerderby

Satisfaction in LA...with The Flakes!
Yep, we're going back to LA for the weekend of August 3th. I've never been to Satisfaction before, but it looks pretty happening in an overblown LA mod sort of way. Yeehaw!