I think the right way for a fragile-egoed woman to deal with getting older is to absolutely overbook herself and never stop moving from one ridiculous situation to the next...like a great white shark, forever swimming in the murky waters of...ah, who am I kidding? 31 happened and it wasn't so bad. Plus, Brett says I don't look a day over 30, so I've got that going for me.

Here's August's hijinx:

The Flakes landed a gig in Los Angeles with Club Satisfaction at a bella epoch brothel-themed bar called Bordello. I was ready to move right in. Just put my Mickey Katz record collection by the bar and my bed near the stage; I'm staying. Just look at the place!
Here's a picture from the Satisfaction archive of us sitting in the "VIP" booth, which is usually done up like a bed:

The story that was going around that night was that the bed had to be removed because Keanu Reeves was in that "bed" the night before and had somehow left butt smells on it. Is this what it means to hang out in LA? To sit where Keanu Reeves' butt smells were just mere hours before our arrival? Enchanting, no?
That trip was the first of the birthday celebrations that would ensue for August. We had a blast...Brett and I dragged Yoko and Sailor Billy all over that grand town: Canter's, The Hollywood Forever Cemetery, a hotel where porno is supposedly filmed...all the hot spots! Oh and we had a "tragic celebrity" sighting too. At the booth closest to the bathrooms at Canter's sat Rodney Bingenheimer with his female friend from "The Mayor of Sunset Strip." Really.

Oh and here's the happy traveling party at Andersen's Pea Soup:

On the actual day of my birthday, I ended up in an emergency room with a kidney problem! What an effective way to avoid those birthday time slumps! But once saddled up with some antibiotics and pain killers, it was back to work with me and then on to the San Mateo Fair for some Lucha Libre action with Johnny and Jaime! Parka! Parka!

The weekend following, my sister (the twin, only 8 years early) and her friend Jose came up for some belated celebrating and some genuine French Absinthe from the good people at Pernod. Thank you so much David for hand-carrying this illegal substance back to the good old U.S. of A. It was good stuff!
Here was our quasi-traditional set up:

That same night happened to be Peaches Christ's Midnight Mass screening of COFFY, so we all headed over there. Shifty Gears got to be in the pre-show this time, which was a Hooker Pride Parade. Shifty met many nice friends at the screening, including Hot Carlita:

If you're not disturbed enough, watch these:


So, it's time for August to fade away before I do. In September...I plan to sleep and practice good kidney health.
OH, and be in a Bombshell Betty burlesque show too! More info on that later.