Thanks so much for everyone who came out the the Haute House Burlesque Holiday Mashup show!! It was a drinky good time!Thanks Bombshell Betty!
Brett got a couple of clips of the wit and wizdumb of Odessa Lil...

The problem with being Jewish:

Small talk:

drunk chicks rule...


Read my interview with Johnny Strike and Hank Rank of the legendary early S.F. punk band Crime!

San Francisco Is Still Doomed (Still)

See them live at Amoeba SF!!
Friday September 21st 7pm - San Francisco
1855 Haight Street


Jose just posted some great new photos up on the Hell's Kittens MySpace page. If you're not a Hell's Kittens friend...we'll crush yer nutz. Unless you're into that sort of thing (why does the term "ball busting" keep coming up?!!)...then we just won't. On principle.

Here's a sneak of the sneak:

Skubica and Dynama and another bitch

My brother and I don't get along so well

I can has knives

On Sly's HOG


The Summer of Love vs. the Love of Schlock
Bay Area garage rock legend Russell Quan teaches us how to stop worrying and love The Chipmunks

My First AmoeBlog! I wonder if they'll ever let me do another one?
It's good to be excited about work...and this makes it pretty easy:

As some of you may have heard, CRIME (notorious early SF punk legends) are putting out a new album! But that's not all...they're unveiling it at an Amoeba in-store September 21st. AND (there's always more with me)...frontman Johnny Strike's new book is also being unveiled (and signed if you want, of course) there too. It's good, dark stuff...I'm reading it now.

I just wrote this bio/press release today.

You may note a couple of familiar dudes in the new line-up. Teehee.
Upcoming Show:
The Holiday Mash Up: A Haute House Burlesque Revue

As if I wasn't already confused enough between Chrismukkah and All Hallows Lent, now there's the...HOLIDAY MASH UP!
I'm MCing this festive fusion foray, so bake me some Yak enchiladas and tell the Maccabees what you want for xmass. We's going to to Mash Up town!

Thursday, Sept. 13
Holiday Mash Up BURLESUQE Show
Annie's Social Club
917 Folsom St. @ 5th. St. San Francisco

Doors at 8pm. Burlesque sets on the hour, starting at 9pm. Dancing in between burlesque sets, so bring your dancing shoes!

$8 in advance, $12 at the door/21+

Bombshell Betty Dance and Alcoholocaust present...

The Holiday Mash Up:
A Haute House Burlesque Revue

Oh no! Father Time is on vacation, and all the holidays have gotten mixed up! The Easter Bunny got run over by a reindeer, Cupid is trick-or-treating and the Leprecauns are out launching fireworks! It's madness! It's mayhem! Dress up like your favorite holiday(s), and join us for a wacky night that's a dance party and a show! Our spectacular lineup includes:

Bottoms Up! Burlesque:
Bombshell Betty
Lily LeRouge

SF Boylesque
Miss Fountain - fresh from the UK!

Trixie Treat with Matt Walker
Josie Starre
Holly Highbeams

Plus Burlesquercise group numbers and solos performed by some of San Francisco's newest burlesque dancers, Bombshell Betty's Burlesqueteers!

Hosted by Odessa Lil (Speakeasily)

DJ Jumpin' Jeff will get your toes tapping!

Performer info: