A few reasons to go on living (part 1):

1. Jello Biafra is in our play this weekend!! Check it out! Get a SHOCK BOX!
Then 10/30th and 10/31st see Jill Tracey perform with us!
Read about it in the SF Weekly:

2. 10/25

2. 3. 11/3

Reflections to follow...


This is what happens when Brett goes out without me...

Photo by Melanie...Beer bong by The Boars.


Hotwire My Heart

Check out this footage of the Crime in-store at Amoeba!
Note how dashing Brett looks in a cape!

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Where I'll be all of October and most of November!

Shocktoberfest!! 2007: Maker of Monsters
October 4 - November 17, 2007
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8:00 PM
Pay-What-You-Can Previews October 4 - 6)
Tickets: $20 general admission; $69 for “Shock Box” seats (admits two).
Click Here to Buy Tickets Online or call 1-800-838-3006

575 10th St. (between Bryant and Division)
San Francisco, California

SEE US AT TEASE-O-RAMA Friday, Oct. 5th!

Thrillpeddlers have been performing a unique brand of horror and fetish theatre in San Francisco since the early 90s . At home in The Hypnodrome, Thrillpeddlers' SOMA performance venue, the group is continuously engaged in translating, adapting, and producing classic plays from the infamous repertoire of Le Theatre du Grand Guignol. In addition, Thrillpeddlers perform original scripts and modern works by contemporary masters of the genre. Shocktoberfest!!, Thrillpeddlers' annual pageant of terror and titillation (now in it's 8th year) has become a San Francisco Halloween tradition.

Tease-O-Rama debuts Thrillpeddlers' all-new cyber-kink variety act, Google:Fetish, curtain raiser for Shocktoberfest!! 2007: Maker of Monsters (playing The Hypnodrome October 4 - November 17). Showcasing proclivities for forced feminization, ball-busting, fart fetishism and toilet stall vice bust fantasies, just to name a few. Google:Fetish "outs" erotic compulsion to the limit and reveals the daily total of web hits for each featured fetish, leaving audiences dumbfounded and delighted.