That's right, folks!

photos of the good ol days

Thanks to Kingfish, Eddie, and the Hubba Hubba Review at the Uptown, the SpeakEasily gang is getting back together!!
Sailor Billy?? Yes, sir! Rose Pistola?? Of course! Cracker Jack Salteen?? Why not? Bombshell Betty?? Hot hot hot! The Indra?? Hells YEAH! Odessa Lil?? Well, couldn't get rid of her.
OH and some favorites you never knew before!
More info to be announced soonsville!

UPTOWN HUBBA HUBBA welcomes the return of


Doors 8PM, Show 9PM

The Uptown Club
1928 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland
(Just 1 block from 19th Street BART!)


I am dictating this blog through a Ouji board from the beyond, for I have finally disappeared into the realm of the unknown. Yes, it’s true…I have hardly used the interweb as a source of social interaction for close to two months. And you know what? I died from lack of exposure.

Here’s what’s been going on while I’ve been dead:

Herschell Gordon Lewis came to Amoeba for an appearance and signing on November 3rd. The “Godfather of Gore” and mentor of marketing has been a hero of mine since I was 14 and Jason Chavez made me watch Blood Feast, which is now considered by many to be the world's first splatter flick. At that age I was most impressed with the fearless low-budgetness of it all. One spends their whole life trying to be perfect for everyone, and then you see something like that and think, "Aha! The alternative to perfection is breathtaking!" Plus, I just love seeing guts being fondled.
We got the Poontang Wranglers and Brett to accompany H.G. on the “Theme from Two Thousand Maniacs” and then he autographed stuff and took Polaroids with his adorning fans. Afterwards, an interview was taped (coming soon to Amoeba.com). Russ Blackwood of the grand guignol theater group Thrillpeddlers (more on that in a few paragraphs) was the natural choice to conduct the interview.
H.G. was the most well-spoken and charming man…especially considering that he’s responsible for the first images of gore to ever appear on film, and therefore responsible for everything from Texas Chainsaw Massacre to SAW. Talking with him about his films and the superior importance of marketing over the actual content of films was enlightening…words from above to these schlock-obsessed ears.
Thank you, H.G.! You are an amazing man!

Here are some guts I made in honor of H.G.:

H.G. Practicing with the Poontang Wranglers and Brett:

More on Flickr.

More on Amoeba.com.

SOOoooo, may I point out that this is the 7th and last week of my run with the Thrillpeddlers’ Maker of Monsters show! Yep, just three shows left: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If you want more show for your buck, I recommend that you go Saturday night as we will be adding in a variety show at the end. We did this for Halloween too and it was a ton of fun. The Indra does a wheelchair number that will leave you feeling… titillated and conflicted! I do my Werewolf Mama act too.
Here’s what V. Vale of RE Search books wrote in his blog after seeing our Halloween show:
“The short live theatrical pieces began with “Werewolf Mama” featuring a female werewolf, one Audra Wolfmann. Just great classic burlesque, about four feet away. Amazing wolf eyes, wolf teeth, wolf fur on all the “right” places and flawlessly choreographed moves to a song the Cramps taught us.”
Read more of his review here:
Working with the Trillpeddlers has been a blast and quite a learning experience. Being directed by Mel Gordon in the nuances of perversions for the Google: Fetish piece was invaluable training. For a few reasons.

Whatelse is going on? Well, I’ve done a few more shoots with Jose Montesinos on the upcoming Hells Kittens film project. I now know lots of knife tricks! Sneak preview trailer/short coming soon! AND the Mexican Wrestling project with Chris and Brett is also gaining steam…and masks. These things take time, people.

So it’s almost New Years, which is really troubling me because I haven’t gotten used to writing “2007” on my checks yet. Oy. Well, we’re all going down to LA for New Years as The Flakes are playing Bordello again for the Satisfaction Club! Come on! Go with us! What the hell else are you going to do?

Here’s some pictures from the last time The Flakes played the Bordello.

Thank you, goodnight.