Hell's Kittens: Now With More Violence!

Jose has re-edited the trailer...now with more violence!!
I really enjoyed knife fighting a super skilled martial artist who could kill me with one index finger if he wanted to...


The Yiddish Policemen's Other Ball

What a week this is going to be. Of course there are the shows Monday and Wednesday (I refer you to my prior blog entry at this point), two doctors’ appointments (I refer you to my prior hypochondria and procrastination), work (uh...I refer you to...oh never mind), and Thursday is my mother’s back surgery! So I’ll be heading down to Fresno that morning. Yes, I’m worried.

My mom expressed a passing interest in Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, so we picked up a copy for her week-long hospital stay. Brett has been reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and giving me updates that sound so amazing and bizarre that I have to start reading that myself. It’s been on the I-Know-I-Should-Really-Read-This list for me since it came out. As a result of Brett’s immersion in Chabon, he’s coming up with all these Yiddishkeit questions, much to my amusement: "Is there really a Golem in the basement of this synagogue in Prague?!" etc.

So I decided to read a few pages of The Yiddish Policemen’s Union before I hand it off to my mom, but now I’m hooked! Jewish junkies in Alaska!! It’s too good! The question is, can I read 300 more pages by Thursday?

Brett is talking about Chabon constantly, as he is apt to do when he gets excited about some new work of media or say maybe a particular make of guitar or even vintage goggles. After learning that Chabon lives in Berkeley, he announced that he would go over there and he and Chabon would have a Slurpee. Just two guys, talking and drinking Slurpees. That’s all the middle-aged boy wants. SO, Chabon...if you’re out there...

Now on to my obsessions...after reading Candy Girl: A Year in The Life of an Unlikely Stripper by Diablo Cody and then seeing the 29-year-old wonder win an Oscar, I became filled with an odd mixture of adoration, pride for young women writers everywhere, and a pain in my ass that sounds like a wake up call. Ultimately, I think that ass pain is "inspiration" and a reminder that one can be published and succeed within the mainstream even with an outsider’s message. I gave up on all that shortly after grad school...funny how higher education does that to people. But her story is inspiring.

So, taken from Diablo Cody’s MySpace blog...this Jewrific send up of Juno: JEWNO (Hey, imitation is the best form of...something or other.)


Upcoming Events (in which I'll be)

Hey everybody
Here's all the entertainment you should need/want for next week! If that's not enough, I'm perfectly willing to come over to your house and recite my medical history.

Monday, 3/24/08
Hubba Hubba Review at The Uptown in Oakland!

Show at 9pm
$5 -- CHEAP!
And get this...I'm dancing, not talking! Now there's a concept!

Weds, 3/26/08
Bombshell Betty & Haute House Burlesque Revue - 4 Year Anniversary!

at Stage Werx in SF
Show at 8pm
Get Tickets & More Info
I'm MCing this one!

A Haute House Burlesque Revue: "Happy birthday, Burlesquercise!"

Come join Bombshell Betty and the Burlesqueteers as we celebrate the
4-Year Anniversary of the Burlesquercise dance classes with a fun
and frolicking, fabulous good show! You'll laugh, you'll gasp,
you'll be on the edge of your seat in anticipation as both brand new
and seasoned Burlesqueteers present their favorite solo and
burlesque acts from the last 4 years of performing!

Featuring performances by:

Bombshell Betty
Bunny Pistol
Josie Starre
Holly Highbeams
sASSy Hot Buns
Miss Kittie Whip
Chi Chi's del Fuego
Kiss Me Kate
Bootsy La Rue
Charlie Starr
Zelda de Beauvoir
Ruby Fuerza

Odessa Lil is our *smack* Mistress of Ceremonies!

You will also be able to win fabulous prizes while helping the
Burlesqueteers raise money for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas! Help
send naked ladies to Sin City!

Wednesday, March 26
Doors at 7pm, Show starts at 8pm

$12 in advance, $15 at the door (Will call only)