News?! Yeah, we got news...

It's been a busy couple of months, but who wants to hear about all that junk?!
Here's the important stuff:

Count Fink and I are officially engaged-ified!
Not sure what happens next...for now, this is quite a lot of excitement. Thanks to everyone for all of the kind wishes.

For those of you who like to see rings...here's the one he designed himself! I'm so proud of him! It is the awesome.


Besides all that, we're still working with the Hermetic Order of Arcana on the series of 13 old-time radio show styled podcasts. The recording of the 13th and final episode is next, so it should be up and ready sooner than later.

I've been working on a few random and assorted film projects including My Name is Khan, staring Shahrukh Khan -- also known as the Indian Tom Cruise! I went as an extra and was promoted to bartender. "Yeah, sure I have bartending skills." Har!

AND of course there was Sailor Billy and Odessa Lil's appearance at PRIDE 2009 at the Amoeba booth! It also happened to be the hottest day is San Francisco history (so I decided) and the sunburns were brutal. But it was SO fun while it lasted. I think these pictures say it all:

Family Portrait by Maggie Die Katze

AND here's what's on the horizon!

Odessa Lil to host the East Bay Express BEST OF THE EAST BAY PARTY!
That's right! I'm the late-nite host on the main stage.
Check it out at the Oakland Museum on August 7th!
Odessa Lil on the East Bay Express BEST OF THE EAST BAY PARTY blog!
This should be a great party with tons of bands, performers, art, food, and LUCHA LIBRE! Seriously!!

I'll post some more when I can stand hearing myself blabber on more...I gotta go watch some Miss Marples on PBS or something.