Happy Holidays, everybodies. Let's remain calm.

It's been a tough year. I won't pretend that it hasn't. All around me, 2009 has been full of deaths, illnesses, financial and emotional disappointments, and the resulting cloud of bad energy. But luckily for me, there were those few golden nuggets of the not-suck that keep the universe on its axis: Friends truly showed their friend-ish nature. After five years, Brett asked me to hang out with him forever and I said yes. Family was united. And I am almost at the completion of a run of three consecutive plays in a row...a first for me. Not so bad for a year of whose patron saint is most definitely ERIS.

SO, as a rejection letter I once got from a literary magazine said, ONWARD! One can learn a lot from rejection. Here's what's left for me this year:

There are five shows left of THE TENDERLOIN XMAS HUSTLER in the next four days! Get your tickets nowsville. You like musicals about prostitutes, right? It has been an honor to reprise my role from last year as Holly Berry -- chick with a dick. Come by and see the show. I may let you touch it.

The work I've been doing for your soon-to-be-favorite new magazine, Moholy Ground, has also been very rewarding. The first issue should hit in February. Look out for my article, "Is There Life Beyond Rent?"

Additionally, I've been updating my website. As I'm interested in so much stuff, it's a constant struggle for me to pare down things like my website -- both design and content wise. But I may have found the answer...categorize all of the junk that makes me look like I'm schizophrenic into the Dilettante category. Actor and Writer categories to remain more streamlined. Now to just apply that to life...

Ok, if you made it the end of this post...Merry Festivus!


After a long battle with renal failure, we had to say goodbye to Maggie. By far the hardest thing I've ever had to do. RIP Maggie Katzenberg, 2000 (?) - 2009.
Thank you so much, friends, for being there for me and Brett these past few days and for Maggie while she was alive.