Souls of Splendor San Francisco Premiere Screening
Get your tickets now: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/214622

Delancey Street Screening Room
600 Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94107

DOORS at 7:30! Film at 8:00pm!

Join Gout Films for the premiere screening of SOULS OF SPLENDOR -- a comedic short about being Gay, Geek, and creatively lost in San Francisco.

The film comes in at under 25 minutes, but we hope you'll stay for a Q&A with our cast and crew, and maybe for an after party too!

Souls of Splendor features the story of Leo, a black, gay comic book store clerk and writer who is dealing with his own complicated relationship to his art. He feels left behind by his ex-boyfriend Joe (a successful white artist) and creatively stuck in a place of self-sabotage and distraction. Although steeped in the worlds of comic geeks and San Francisco gay culture, Leo feels alienated from both. He finds the success of others unfair but can not seem to budge himself out of his creative rut. When he sits down to write, distractions abound in the form of video games and his alter-egos  a straight, white superhero named Captain Fabulous and Franz Kafka (yes, THE Franz Kafka)  who argue with him and offer little solace. After an overdue confrontation with his ex-boyfriend, Leo realized that metamorphosis comes from within and has nothing to do with fairness or luck.

Written and directed by long-time collaborators Audra Wolfmann and Desmond Miller (Gout Films), Souls of Splendor was shot entirely in San Francisco with local talent. Special thanks to all those who donated to the cause, Dockers for their Wear The Pants grant, and to the Amazing Fantasy comic book shop.

Now let's hear it for our...

Talented cast: James A. Martin, B. Warden Lawlor, Steve Bologna, Karl Schackne, Indra Lowenstein, Will McMichael, Orson Pigeon, Robert Levy, Todd Pickering, Brett Stillo, Randy Johnson, Adrian Daub, Evan Kaminsky, Jeff Bostic, Ken Hadley, Jeffrey Gullett, Lawrence Chandler, Max Chandler, Patrick Martin, Jasmine Richau, Paul Almy, aLeXis GuTieRrEz, Derek Shockey, Ian Wolfley.

Talented crew: Gabriel Wheeler, Joyce Tang, Grimes Grimm, Jon Bastian, Brett Stillo, Melanie Paulina, Tarin Muir, Jenny Temple, Lindsey Green, Jose Montesinos, Brett Stillo.

Talented composers: David Copenhafer & Adam Josef.

Talented Artists: Gene Guilmette, Wayne Shellabarger, Ken Hadley, Jeff Bostic.


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