Where Am I?
Good question. Somewhere in South East Portland in my friend Dory's apartment. The sky outside is completely without color and it will most likely snow tomorrow. After a month of illness and workaholism, staying inside with nothing to do but look out of the window in a strange North West state is exactly what the doctor ordered. That and some really strong antibiotics, which are finally starting to work.
Today is Dory's 30th birthday, but she still had to go to work.
When we met, we were 14 and I wasn't even planning on living this long. I was pretty sure that I'd have published my "great anti-American novel" (as I used to say then) by the age of 23 and then go down in a blaze of infamy, partying, writing, and visiting a man in every port. My death would be dramatic and an unfairly early demise, but at least there wouldn't be a wrinkle on my face. By the time we hit 30, I guess we're just happy to have lived through the bouts of partying that we have had and hope to continue forward in a blaze of mediocrity, keeping depression and illness at bay and grasping onto the ones we love.
I haven't written the "great anti-American novel" yet and I'm not sure if I will. My attention span is more suited for the longish-short story anyway or maybe just the spoken word (delivered on stage in my underwear). I'm very thankful to have loved ones to grasp onto and I think that we write our own great novels together through time and experience. The anti-American part seems to be taking care of itself at a federal government level.


Me in Your Garbage Can
Yesterday, Susan alerted me to the fact that she saw me and Rose Pistola in the garbage can at her friend’s house. It turns out that The Haight Ashbury Beat, much esteemed neighborhood rag, published a review of our October 13th Little Minsky’s show at the Deluxe!


Schlock Obsessed a Boo Boo
I was talking with Aimee the other day on the N Train (where I spend most of my free time these days) about films that we’ve seen since Halloween. Here's my accomplished list:

Satanis (1970), with Anton LaVey as himself.

Rat Pfink a Boo Boo (1966). Ray Dennis Steckler, you rule.

Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) at The Castro Theater for the Creature Feature’s show!

The Italian Job (1969). So many cars, so many crashes.

Mondo Mod (1967). Karate is so mod.

Girl in the Gold Boots (1969)… the glamorous world of Go-Go dancing on a $5.00 budget.


The next big thing:

November 11th and 12th, it's the 1st-ever San Francisco Rock and Roll Film Fest.

Two nights of movies, bands, DJ's, and burlesque dancers, all hosted by Odessa Lil...your Mistress of Ceremonies!

Nov. 11th - Friday night:
7:45pm : "Edgeplay," the Runaways movie!

Live music with Top Ten
BURLESQUE MADNESS with Roky Roulette, Rose Pistola, Ophelia Coeur de Noir, and Wes!
And a secret Midnight Movie!

Nov. 12th - Saturday night:
8:00 pm: West Coast premiere of "All Kindsa Girls," a rockumentary about The Real Kids.
Director Cheryl Egan will be on hand for a question and answer session.
Live music with THE FLAKES!
and more BURLESQUE INSANITY w/ Roky Roulette, Eva Von Slut, Lily LeRouge, Bombshell Betty, and Sweet Cheeks.

1310 Potrero Avenue , San Francisco .
$7 before 10 pm, $10 after.
Doors at 7 pm each night; shows start promptly at 7:45 Friday and 8 pm Saturday.
For more information, please go to www.stagfury.com & www.warehouse1310.com
Oh, The Humanity!

October wrung it right out of me and now I’m sick sick sick! I actually stayed home on Halloween and watched it unfold on the news. The whole household is sick. The drink of the house has been switched from kosher wine to Thereflu. What can you do?
But that’s not the worst of it…I’m too sick to go see They Might Be Giants tonight! AND I found out that Christopher Walken is not running for president!

At least staying home tonight will insure that I get to see The OC, which will play one of Citizens Here and Abroad's songs! Way to go Adrienne -- who is abroad right now and happens to be a broad.