Moleskin Freakout Crisis Averted

Yesterday there were several hours of panic caused by the thought that I had lost my Moleskin notebook. This notebook has become a sort of Linus blanket for me when it comes to creativity. I write nearly every momentarily-brilliant inanity and nonsensical reminder that enters my mind in this notebook and therefore, when Im trying to think of something new, I believe I need that thing in my hand as a talisman of creative thought.

I almost cancelled a writers meeting with Chris last night because I had these horrified images of someone on the N Train reading through such content as:

"He named his dog Hairshirt."

"If my family wasnt so full of mental illness and physical deformities, I might have ended up a real snob too."

"...feeling like a shrimp plate at a Bar Mitzvah."

If they made it that far, the notebook would definitely end up in the garbage. BUT luckily order was restored when I got home and found it under my bed. And I actually made it through the meeting with Chris without it. Although, Im sure that having the meeting at Impalas Taco Tuesday ($2 tacos, dude!) helped. Maybe from now on I need a $2 taco in my hand to be able to think creatively. This could get complicated.


Rough cuts from Basement Burlesque...
Odessa Lil and Sailor Billy

We don't know either:


How dumb is it having a MySpace blog and a Blogger blog? Wouldn't it be clever to post different content? Nah, that takes time and energy...I'll just repeat myself like all great artists and old people.

From Today:
Tomorrow Nite and Again in 2 Weeks...

August, 2 2006
The Makeout Room
3225 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94101
Cost: 7 Bucks
Flakes say: "It's an EARLY show (and we mean EEARRRRLY!) with the GO GOING GONE GIRLS And The Upsidedown from up norht in Orygun."

August, 12 2006
3223 Mission Street, SF, San Francisco, CA 94101
I say: "That's my birthday, so lets drink."

From Sunday:
Yesterday Camera Man Brett, Sailor Billy, and I ran around North Beach gathering shtick for our pilot Basement Burlesque. Good stuff, man...but you would think tourists have never seen a sailor and a domme doing a dance number in an alley way before.

From Thursday:
What Me, 30?!

My 30th birthday is August 12th. I know. How could someone so short be so old?
But don't worry: I'm not going to make everyone commute to the Sunset for my birthday or put on a show...in fact, I'm not going to do anything...except go to The Knockout August 12th.

Coincidentally, there's a Flakes show there that night. Non-coincidentally, my sister, who has the same birthday as me (now THAT is a coincidence) just might be there too! So, stop by the Knockout and order some of their strange alcoholic rootbeer and tell me I still look 29.

From last Tuesday:
Impacted Blogectomy...
1. And I promised I wouldn't read BoingBoing anymore...

2. The truth about Chris and I:

These pictures are from Kaleidoscope at House of Shields. The next one is 8/18. Why do we all look so "smarmey?"

3. We let Chris beat a monkey to death for his birthday:

Anyone who has been to my place will recognize that bat as a "Therapy Bat." Brett has access to this sort of kinky stuff. I mostly just hit myself with it. That night was also the screening for Chris' film Chains, which is major disturbo in all the best sorts of ways.

4. And here is something you're not supposed to know about yet...