NOVEMBER: Review in Pictures

Har har...because that's the only way I'll remember any of it!

Starting from most recent...

There was the Amoeba Holiday Party over at Mission Rock! I'm lucky we have such kool "office" parties...I am a proud Amoebite! Heck, look at this Olan Mills-worthy backdrop that Naomi had set up!! Jose took photos for all of us misfit elves who never got to go to winter formal. (Although, I think I did go to a winter formal in High School...we just didn't have a backdrop of a winter wonderland castle in the sky.)

Tough neighborhood in Winter Wonderland?
Amoeba Holiday Party ~ Tough Neighborhood

Olan Mills, Eat Your Heart Out.
Amoeba Holiday Party ~ Winter Wonderland??

Jose and I at Prom.
Amoeba Holiday Party ~ Prom Pose With Jose

What else? Ah yes, spending a lot of time getting into character for The Tenderloin Xmas Hustler. That's me as Holly Berry with Raya Light. Photo by Brandon Norris. I always wanted green hair.

Me as Holly Berry with Raya Light @ Booty Call at Bar on Castro

Now that the Thrillpeddlers' Shocktoberfest 2008 is over, I really miss having an electromagnetic duel with Pimento (Eric Tyson Wertz) three times a week...but I'm dealing.

Thrillpeddlers' "Slight Tingling" @ The Hypnodrome

And November started off with us limping back from Halloween night...doesn't it always? Here's me and Brett at the Regency Center Ball Room where I was part of the Hubba Hubba Revue stage at Inferno Paradiso. Brett is the one in the eye patch. Thanks for the photo, Mike!

Werewolf Mama and Captain Harlock...of course.



Well, there's still one weekend left of the Thrillpeddler's Shocktoberfest 2008 at the Hypnodrome, so if you haven't seen me die there...you only have three more opportunities: this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!

But I'm already in rehearsal for another show...and it runs Dec. 4 - 27!! It's the Tenderloin Christmas Hustler!

Yep, I'm in my first ever xmas musical: singin', dancin'...jazz hands. The works. It's also my debut as a tranny...official debut that is. It's a crazy romp through Rankin & Bass holiday specials, meth addiction, The Grinch, and Tenderloin Hustler culture. Also features awesome performers Raya Light, Michael Turner, Jeremy Estrada, Andy Pettit, Charli Galindo, and of course...me.

Get tix: www.brownpapertickets.com/event/45452

Tenderloin Xmas Hustler -- my next show

Tenderloin Xmas Hustler -- my next show