My Werewolf Mama:
"Now comb your face and get ready."
Lenny Bruce
End of the half-decade
Without this, I will not remember

Last year at this time I wrote this:

Sometimes actions precede meaning in my life. It will take me a while to figure out what I’m up to and then…bam: Meaning! I’m not just sleepwalking after all! Well, I’m finally seeing the point to all this bloggy business. It’s not exactly therapy, and it does not exist for angry exes to peruse while they guess how much weight I’ve gained in the past 10 years (if you guessed 13 pounds, then you are correct), and it’s not there for hurt girlfriends of those exes (of even lower self-esteem than me) to project their unfounded accusations upon, and it’s really not even there as an excuse for not keeping in touch with my friends and loved ones (“What did you mean you didn’t know that I had a sex change? Haven’t you read my blog?”).

Just this morning, I realized that this blog is the best interactive, multi-media, all-inclusive recording device that I could possibly get my hands on. Screw photo albums (my obsession from 1992-98), paper journals (source of guilt and neglect between 1999-2001), and even letter-writing (I was never that good at that…and I never made photocopies before sending them anyway). It’s all been on the blog since 10.23.03 and as long as the big server in the sky doesn’t go, then my memories, pictures, links, and friends’ comments are all safe and sound and even searchable! Where was I the day of May 29, 2004? I don’t know, let me see…oh! Garage sailing with Ukiah Adam and tormenting Jason Proctor with a framed carpet rendition of a Marlin! Of course.

My memory…well, it’s pretty bad. It’s most likely a result of media-overload, long hours in the office, prolonged use of prescribed anti-depressants, a head injury I sustained at 13…uh, I guess the brain cells have been stacked against me. Without a record of my life, it might be really easy for me to forget what an amazing life it’s been.

Thank you to those who have been part of it all, who have reminded me of things I have forgotten, and who plan to make new memories with me (and then will remind me about those at a later date).


Dark Onion

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Here are a few photos from last night's Dark Sparkle @ The Purple Onion.
Of course, the toilet isn't broken anymore and the hole in the wall must have been repaired, but I really dug Brett's "those were the days" stories about the early 90's! Tall Tales of the Purple Onion.

More from the San Francisco Guardian!
From "8 Days a Week":

Finally, an album! Eight years is a long time to be teased, but the Flakes have kept their Bay Area (and beyond) fan base in full-length darkness, only releasing a handful of singles ... until now. Back to School (Dollar Record) marks the band's first comprehensive, and extremely tardy, record. Although the band is knee-deep in "ex"-es, (ex-Mummies, ex-Count Backwurds, ex-Bobbyteens, ex-Loose Lips), this record is evidence that the Flakes have no plans for dismemberment. If you haven't seen the Flakes' 10,392 other San Francisco performances, prepare yourself for a night of '60s and '70s rock 'n' roll nostalgia, complete with excessive freak-beats and teeth-mashing nastiness in the style of the Hypstrz, DMZ, and Shadows of Knight. Del Lames and the Pyroclastics also play. 9 p.m., Parkside, SF. $7. (415) 503-0393. (Yu)
So go to their show Saturday and buy an album!


Jim sent this quote from The Bay Guardian's article on The Purple Onion's history:

Over the years, though, the Purple Onion passed through a string of owners, and the club experienced a steady decline. By the time it closed in the mid-1990s, it had become a chaotically run punk music venue.

Some affectionate regulars from this period might have considered it the club's finest. For Mario, it was a sign that the Purple Onion was reaching rock-bottom. "That's when the place started to go down," Mario says. "Everything was broken – broken toilet, a hole-in-the-wall. The place was like a dump."

There is some pride in knowing that Brett and his friends did that.
See you there tonight!


Knights of the New Crusade

Knights of the New Crusade
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From a couple of weeks back...it's The Knights of the New Crusade, live at the Madrone Lounge.