This Friday May 29th!

Doors @7, Show @ 8. $5.

As part of the Magic Bus film series...

it's Hershel Gordon Lewis' masterdreck Blast-Off Girls (1967), the only rawk and roll movie to feature Colonel Sanders. Seriously.

ALSO: The Game (1966) , a Canadian Sex Ed Film that hits closer to home than anything you've seen and is 100% garage rawk to the max. This one has it all, a truly overlooked gem on 16mm from the private collection of Jon Bastian.

Stay for live renditions of the hits from Blast-Off Girls performed by local "celebrities." Or do I mean: "performed" by "local" "celebrities." ???

Magic Bus, MAY 29 = The Blast Off Girls!


One more thing!

Just found this nice review of several burlesque shows in the Bay Area. Odessa Lil has a number of quotes!


The tail end of the performance included an ensemble dance with the recently
graduated Burlesqueteers. "They're like Mouseketeers only they don't cry
when you tell them to take their clothes off," said Emcee Lil'.

har har.
What else is happening?

Brett and I have been recording a series of "radio plays" with the amazing folks of The Hermetic Order of Arcana. Not sure when those will be ready, but brace yourself for a thrilling set of 13 retro-futuristic tales full of intrigue and the supernatural. More on that one day soon!

I (Odessa Lil, I mean...) hosted the Big Top Magazine one year anniversary show Saturday at Julie's Supper Club. All kinds of indie circus acts, including a man named Chris Dunn who juggled some very sharp knives. Nicely done. Oh Carney Folk!

And the week prior was the awesome De Young Warhol Live party. I got to lay around on the magic couch as Nico and even introduce Amoeba SF's resident Velvet Underground band Nihilist Outlook and Grace. There's nothing like watching toddlers dance to "Heroin" and "Sister Ray." It was a real honor to be part of a De Young function! Here's to more KLASSY gigs! Yeehaw!

"Nico" and "Lou":
Nico and Lou
Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Magic Bus film night last Thursday! Yes, we've got video of...

A reunion of survinvg Grapes for Bubblegum/Cartoon Rock Night at the Magic Bus Film Night, San Francisco, CA. 4.30.09. With author David Smay:

and of course...the pictures!

Uh oh! It's the Sour Grapes Bunch!

Thanks to Indra, Sherry, Brett, and Jon!



Odessa Lil to MC...WANDERLUST:

Big Top Magazine Presents: WANDERLUST, May 2nd, San Francisco!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, Roll up, Roll up, ROLL UP! Big Top Magazine is celebrating the One Year Anniversary of it's existence in this beautiful world by throwing an INCREDIBLE celebration for you, an event that is sure to astound and amaze!

Awe Inspiring Performances, Bands to get Your Body Moving, Deliciously Sexy Belly Dancers to make you Squirm With Delight, and SO MUCH MORE! Click on the "READ MORE" for performer details, raffle prizes, and advance ticket info!

Hand Selected Vendors will bring you their best, incredible prizes offered in an amazing Raffle,and delightful surprises around every corner - this is without question going to be an evening that you do NOT want to miss, and one you will talk about for months and months to come!

FIRST 60 ADVANCE TICKETS SOLD WILL RECEIVE A FREE RAFFLE TICKET (a $5 value), & we're putting together some GREAT prizes for you, to start being announced soon!


City Circus
Barry Syska & The Fantasy Orchestra
Dreamtime Circus
Angela Mae
Isa Shisha

This is not only an event to celebrate that Big Top Magazine has made it through the year and is still charging ahead with even more passion, ideas, & special treats to bring you in the future, but...

Your Big Top Founder, Ringmaster, & Vagabond Extraordinairre - kSea flux - is putting his beloved city of San Francisco in the rear view just a few short weeks after the event & heading out in the official Big Top Motor Home to bounce around the country, bringing you Big Top Magazine from the road! I'll be performing, putting on shows, & finding incredible people, interviews & stories from the travels along the way! The Wanderlust has been hitting me hard the past few months, and so this will also be a benefit to help make this dream happen! There's a lot I need to do to make what has been my home for the past few months road-worthy, & while I will do much of the actual work myself, some I can't- & that's where the raffle & benefit come in. Help me hit the road!

THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT, and & want to make sure you make it - so PLEASE BUY YOUR TICKETS ASAP!