Photo Dump!

Yeay! In an on-going quest to make my life easier, I've joined Flickr!
You just might see yourself there...
So far includes:
House of Gorelesque 10/21/05
Uke Out at the Knock Out 10/14/05
Little Minsky's 10/13/05
The Hamboogers @ Budget Rock 10/08/05


Friday's House of Gorelesque:

Was a regular laff riot. Thanks to everybody for making it such a great party!
And a Nick Cave Pajama Jammy Jam.

Madame Maraschino and Odessa Lil.

Photo taken by mikegoat. See his other amazing photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikegoat/sets/1192720/
How to Make $10.00

I'm walking down the street towards Go Go Sushi (because the insect index is WAY up at Lee's Deli) and this guy carrying a huge bag of flowers and presents stops me on the street. He wants me to bring it up to his wife's office for him so she'll be surprised for her birthday. I kind of don't get the concept at first, probably because it's 2:00 pm and I haven't eaten yet and maybe because I'm still functioning on the whole October-entertainment-lack-of-sleep thing and possibly because I've taken 2 Midrin so far today and it could be because I'm still going over a case from work in my head...but he waves a ten dollar bill at me, pushed the package into my arms, and soon I'm in an elevator in a strange building, delivering a bag of birthday surprises to an electrical engineer. She's happy, he's happy...I go to vegetarian sushi on them. Lee's still sucks.
Primitive is the New Hi-Tek

Forget iPods...I want a portable Scopitone player!

Watch some great ones here: http://scopitones.blogs.com/scopitonescom/

Also, you gotta see these ancient clips of The Mummies:


Last Week's Little Minsky's:

Everyone got in on the act.

Even me:

Thanks for the pictures Pat and Miss Lynda!!


Friday, October 21st:
Madame Maraschino’s
House of Gorelesque Burlesque

Benders Bar
806 S. Van Ness Ave, SF
Door 9pm/Show 10pm

Shadow Circus Creature Theatre
(A disturbing puppet show for a disturbing world)

Spooky Gorelesque Burlesque with:
Odessa Lil, Mistress of Ceremonies
Lily Le Rouge
Eva Von Slut
Flying Fox
Roxy Shocks
Cookie Tuff
Ruby Sparks
Noor Belly Dance
Ophelia Couer de Noir
Velvet Siren
Tlula le Fleur
DJ Bonnie Bondage


Thanks Columbus.

Today was going to be my rare opportunity to sleep in on a week day, but at exactly 8:00 am enter THE ROOF REPAIR MEN! Argggg! I was forced to get up and be productive so I worked out a pretty elaborate gag for Thursday's Little Minsky's show. I think I've got that under control now (note to self: wash blood and bone fragments out of carpet before roommate gets home. KIDDING!), so I'm thinking I'll head to the beach and get away from all the roof noise.
Or maybe I'll just look at this picture all day:

Here's some info on Thursday's show:

Little Minsky's
Thursday, October 13
Club Deluxe (1511 Haight)
9pm, Show @ 10

Mistress of Ceremonies, Odessa Lil
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
The Flying Fox
Rose Pistola
Veda De Voe
D Milo
Foolish Follies
Kristina & Scott


Madame Maraschino's Rowdydow Burlesque Friday night was outta sight! If you haven't gotten to see The Knockout (formerly The Odeon)...GO! They've done a really great job with that place...and we gave it some extra scenery...and a food fight.

Here's me and Josie Nutter (aka Luna Sidhe!). Thanks for the photo Daniel!


Hey hey hey! It's Friday!
Make sure you come out to The Knock Out tonight:

Also please note the list of October dates I've made off to the right there! What a month!


September Songs:

Ok. I didn't really write a song for you, but I can direct you to a few good ones if you are interested.

1. First, I'd start of with "King Tut". Everyone knows that he was buried in his jammies and that he died for tourism, but did you know that The Hamboogers covered this Steve Martin classic while opening for The Donnas in Pioneer Town (a ghost town of a film set of a ghost town in Yucca Valley)? Strange-but-true fact. The Donnas' fans loved it. I loved it. King Tut loved it.
Here are The Hamboogers:
Russell Quan: Stud.

The Italians.

And this guy is Steve Stiletto, but doesn't he look sort of familiar? OH! It's Bowser!
The Hamboogers' groupies. (Where's our drink tickets?)

And The Donnas. What nice girls:

So of course, now I want to move to the desert and start my own Alien cult...the other American dream.

I wish Darin would stop convincing Brett to eat the scenery:

2. Bombshell Betty's Pin-Up Class was a ton of fun and an unexpected workout! (I think I'm going to break my whole song-month-theme for this blog entry. Didn't last long did it?) Sucking it in and rapidly moving from cheesecake pose to cheesecake pose proved to be quite aerobic. The class ended with a photo shoot (Yeay! Joe Niem!). I haven't seen the photos yet, but I'll post them when I get them. I did manage to steal a few pictures of the super cute Sweetcheeks on my own camera:

And Joe.

And me and Joe and Sweetcheeks.

3. Day at the Races with Mr. Lucky! I never thought I'd find myself at beautiful downtown San Mateo's Bay Meadows Race Track, but what an interesting afternoon!

This is not our car, by the way.

Doug and Amy...so dapper!

Ha ha.

There were horses too...

4. And there was also a UFO West in September! Freakout!





I am always destined to be sweaty in a UFO picture!


Oy! It’s October!

Ahoy! It’s Odessa Lil of ye old SpeakEasily and I’m here to tell you that you won’t be able to change your socks in October without running into ME. While there are no scheduled SpeakEasily events, I’ll be the Mistress of Ceremonies for the following three klassy, kwality burlesque events in October…

Friday, October 7th:
Madame Maraschino’s Rowdydow Burlesque Show!
Burlesque at 10pm/ DJ’s at 9pm
$6 cover

The Knockout
3223 Mission Street, SF

Showcase Featuring:
Kitten on the Keys
Roky Roulette
Miss Cherry Jubilie
Ophelia Coeur de Noir
Miss Banana Peel
Luna Sidhe
Sweet Cheeks
With the vibrant, naughty… Odessa Lil, Mistress of Ceremonies, as your host!
It’s a night of burlesque and the oldies with DJ’s PRIMO, FANCY DAN & IVAR spinning smoking oldies, rock n’ roll & soul!!

Thursday, October 13th:
Little Minsky’s!
from 9pm to 2am
Show starts at 10!!
Retro jazz tunes to follow by Oran
$5 cover21+
Club Deluxe
1511 Haight St. (near Ashbury)

With The Flying Fox & Rose Pistola & a whole lot more!

Friday, October 21st:
Madame Maraschino’s House of Burlesque goes GOTH!!!
Burlesque at 10pm

Benders Bar & Grill
806 South Van Ness Avenue (at 19th Street)
San Francisco, California 94110

AND... there are more dates to come! Especially if you ask me out on one!